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The Mistletoe Matchmakers of Clearwater County Bundle

The Mistletoe Matchmakers of Clearwater County Bundle

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Fall in love with Christmas all over again when the Mistletoe Matchmakers match you to your perfect cowboy.

Two rival families have to work together in a town dedicated to Christmas year-round. With second chances, best-friends to lovers, and enemies-to-lovers filling this series, you can't go wrong looking for your next escape here.

Books 1 - 9 PLUS the Prequel Included!

Prepare for a heartwarming journey through the enchanting town of Mistletoe, Montana, where love's greatest matchmakers sometimes struggle to find their own perfect match.

Discover a series filled with unexpected romance, secret admirers, second chances, and holiday magic in this nine-book omnibus that explores the trials and tribulations of the Dean and Wilson families.

Journey with David and Elizabeth as they navigate through past secrets and a conniving ex-wife that threatens their love.

Follow Taylor, a love-bitten matchmaker, as she grapples with her feelings for her former lover, Roman.

Join Tarryn and Levi, as they explore a marriage of convenience that might lead to something more.

Experience the power of healing and self-discovery with Cari and Nick, thrown together by a wildfire and their shared passion for animals.

Feel the tension as Amanda falls for Tommy, a man who might just be working for the enemy.

Watch as Brock and Lily pretend to be married and discover the potential for real love hiding behind their charade.

Follow Samantha and Austin's friendship as it teeters on the precipice of something more.

Root for Kali as she fights to keep her home, unaware that her adversary Flynne might just be her secret benefactor.

And don't forget to join Tanya on her quest for love, caught between the affections of a newcomer and Colt, who followed her all the way from Alaska.

And more...

Set against the backdrop of a town renowned for its yuletide magic, this bundle explores the dynamics of love, trust, rivalry, and family.

The Mistletoe Matchmakers aren't just setting up romances; they're finding their own.

And in Mistletoe, Montana, where secrets unravel and hearts are mended, you might just believe in the magic of happy-ever-after.

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