• Love On The Download

    Can Maggie get over the secrets Sloan is hiding from her or will she lose her chance at happy-ever-after?

    And what's her sister hiding?

  • Free Romance? YES PLEASE

    Start one of the uber popular Paulson sweet romances - contemporary to the left or western to the right.

    You'll be so glad you did!

  • One More Match

    There's a match to be made in Mistletoe, Montana and neither of the potential lovers know it. What happens when happy-ever-after sneaks up on you?

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Bonnie Paulson

I'm a USA Today Best-Selling Author with so many great stories to tell. My husband and I have six amazing children and we're living a modern day romance right here in Missouri.

We're from the wilds of north Idaho and we love dirt biking and cooking and spending time as a family. We can't wait to share these stories with you.


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  • Western Romances

    Fall in love in Clearwater County. Brothers in love with the same girl, sisters who never knew each other but know they're daughters of a Montana outlaw, billionaires who just want to find happiness, a town that celebrates matchmaking and Christmas year-round, and so much more.

    Clearwater County Romances 
  • Romantic Comedy

    Realistic romantic comedy with heart. There's no 12-year-old humor here. But you will get smirky heroines who outwit their gorgeous and doting heroes who are no push-overs - you'll love these couples!

    You'll find the ClickandWed.Com series and the Accidentally but Perfect Romances here!

    Romantic Comedies 
  • Contemporary Romance

    Sweet contemporary romances filled with heart felt plot twists and moments of angst. You'll laugh, cry, and sigh at the end, definitely longing for more. Good news! There's plenty where those came from!

    A Forget Me Not Romance series can be found here.

    Contemporary Romances 
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What is the difference between SWEET and CLEAN in romance?

This is something that can be subjective, but here in my world, Sweet means there's sweetness - there's no cheating, no roughness, nothing that can be mistaken for gaslighting between the hero and heroine. There's no abuse. It's sweet. It makes you feel good reading something like that or listening to it.

Clean is something different. In my world, clean means no cussing, no gore - there is action, but it won't make you want to throw up, no open door sex.

Sweet can be sexual tension, but in my world, it shouldn't be open door. It should be fade to black and nothing happens on page.

Can I return what I ordered?

Most of the things here are digital downloads and therefore not returnable. If you've ordered something twice on accident, I can check that and you'll get a refund as long as it's been within the first 48 hours. Physical items are a lot harder to return, but reach out to me and we'll discuss the circumstances. Sometimes they just don't arrive in great condition - not your fault or mine, but let's get it figured out. Check out my refund policy below.

Do you use AI for narration?

There are a couple books in my catalog where I've used AI to narrate my books. This is because to hire a narrator is VERY expensive and I really like the sound of the AI voices I've selected. This actually trickles down to the reader with a less expensive cost. I also narrate some of my books on my own as well as have had them professionally narrated as well. Lots of options out there! Don't you love technology?

Do you write anything besides romance?

I do!

I also have an apocalyptic thriller name - B.R. Paulson.

A name that writes pararnormal women's fiction and mysteries - Kodi Heart.

And a name that writes YA romance - Taylor Blaine.