Collection: Barely Alive

It's a twisted web!

Barely Alive

In a desperate attempt to belong, Paul joins a cult whose main goal is to destroy everything they can get their hands on.

The virus the group is exposed to turns them into the apocalypse and they set out to eat everyone in their path.

Paul has one chance to escape. He’s taking the only girl who might be immune with him.

If Paul can’t get away, the rest of Las Vegas could implode on itself. Will he be able to find the cure? Or is he destined to terrorize the world?

Take a chance on this horrific journey with a teenage boy who has sex and hunger ruling his every decision.

Falling Apart

Paul escaped the clutches of the zombie cult leader, Dominic, with his infected brother and Heather – the virus-immune hottie he can’t keep his eyes off of.

Unfortunately, he has to go back because the bastard kidnaps Heather and wants one thing in exchange. Dominic wants Paul to lead his zombie army and he’ll do anything to get his way.

Can Paul save Heather and himself or will the world continue to disintegrate while he fights the cravings for flesh?

Dive into the epic craziness of Paul’s fight for survival and love.

Mostly Dead

With time running out for Paul, his brother, and hell, the world, the zombie army moving north to attack isn’t helping.

Why can’t anything work out? He’s falling for Heather but she’s immune to his charm and the virus. Can he break through her defenses before he loses his mind and kills her?

Paul’s time is up. He has one last chance to prove he’s more than the virus – more than his cravings for meat.

Will he be able to convince anyone, if not himself?

Get infected and fight the desperation in the third book in this apocalyptic nightmare.

Viral Intent, Prequel

Dominic has no remorse, no guilt, and his righteous justification swells as his research goes unchecked. There’s someone Dominic wants to save, and he may have the cure. But now he needs test subjects.

He creates a virus that brings about the zombie apocalypse. There’s no excuse for how he treats Paul and humanity itself, but understanding the man might shed light on the evolution of the virus that brings Paul and Heather together.

Discover the how and why behind Dominic’s evil actions. Are you brave enough to see how a Zombie Master is born?