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Out of Time (book 1)

Out of Time (book 1)

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Three generations of women fight to survive in this heart pounding glimpse into an apocalyptic future where one man is determined to be the last alive.

As world leaders and street walkers alike succumb to the effects of the widespread biochemical weapon, no one is safe.

Cady Warren, who once believed in radical ideas like wiping out an entire civilization to save the rainforest, has grown up. Nothing is as simple as it once was. She’s now a mother, microbiologist, and a slightly paranoid prepper. Her ideals have changed--but Jackson Aimes doesn't know that.

Jackson Aimes is determined to be the last man alive, and then he wants to reunite with Cady to repopulate the world.

As survival demands sacrifices, Cady is ready to do whatever it takes to protect her daughter and her mother from the death and destruction Jackson is planning.

Is it too late for Cady to call on skills in the lab she hasn't used in a long time to stop the spread of terror and save her family or anyone? If she can't, she'll be one of the last survivors on earth...and then Jackson’s personal breeding partner.

Go with Cady as she fights for survival in this jaw-dropping apocalyptic thriller that spans three generations of women!

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