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180 Days... And Counting Series Bundle

180 Days... And Counting Series Bundle

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6 Books In One Heart Pounding Bundle!

Cady, her mother, and her daughter must figure out a way to survive a viral apocalypse that Cady couldn’t stop.

As the world falls down around them, the truth behind who they are, what they want, and what they’re willing to do to save the ones they love is revealed.

Is the truth a reality they want to live with?

Dive into this complete series of 6 books that will leave you flipping the pages until the very end! 

What's included in this ebook bundle:

Out of Time

Last Chance

Hold On

Too Late

Look Away

Death Days


Would that be her time to die? Cady thought she’d made her peace with death, but as chills ravaged her body and aches destroyed her nerve endings, she didn’t know if she still wanted to die. What if the vaccine failed? She didn’t have enough time to figure out the answers to any of her questions. She needed time.

She wanted more time.

All she’d tried to do was save as many people as possible.

Her hope hadn’t taken into account the vast devastation planned or the fact that pain was a part of the game. The game that centered around eradicating the population.

Her friend betrayed her. Her husband abandoned her.
All she had left was her daughter. Everyone else would be dead by now, or worse off than she was.

Cady didn’t have the right to complain, yet she longed to end her suffering with the Glock hiding under her bed.

Yet, what could she possibly hope to accomplish with a bullet in her brain?

Lying on the floor beside her bed, she reached under the mattress and pulled the gun from its position of safety.

The weight was comforting as she tightened her fingers on the handle. She squeezed her eyes shut and slumped back to the carpet.

Nothing was soft or calming. The threads of the carpet abraded her skin, every nerve screaming to be left alone, yet itching at the same time.

It would be okay for her to end it. No one would know. No one would care.

If she killed herself, every sacrifice would be in vain. Her daughter’s pain would be for nothing.

Cady dragged a breath through her swollen and cracked lips. She didn’t want to open her eyes and find the sun beating through the window. She didn’t want to acknowledge the chill in the air as an illusion to a fever.

She just wanted all of her blankets on top of her, warming her in the sun.

Half-heartedly, she reached up and tugged on the blankets, but couldn’t budge them. What was she thinking about? Oh, right, killing herself. Everything would be a waste. Cady didn’t like waste, and all of that would be the worst kind.

She groaned… if only the vaccine had been enough.

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