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Wrong Address, Right Package, bk 3

Wrong Address, Right Package, bk 3

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Life has a funny way of bringing surprises right to my doorstep, even if they're not intended for me. Who would've thought that a series of packages addressed to "Alexander Glass" could turn my life into a romantic comedy? It's like I'm starring in a movie where I play the role of a befuddled postwoman.

I've lost count of how many times I've received packages meant for this elusive Alexander Glass. It's become a quirky routine – me, standing at my doorstep, holding yet another box meant for someone else. But there's a twist to this tale that even I didn't see coming.

As it turns out, Alexander Glass isn't just a random name – he's the original owner of my charming home. And he's not an "Alex" like me, but a "Xander." Armed with a growing pile of misdirected parcels, I decide to track down this mysterious Xander and put an end to this mix-up once and for all.

But finding Xander is only the beginning. Each encounter with him leads to an unexpected tangle of emotions. He's not exactly thrilled that I've shown up at his doorstep, packages in tow, disrupting his life. I can't help but be intrigued by the man who goes by Xander and the secrets he's hiding behind his stern exterior.

With each package, we're drawn together in a hilarious dance of misunderstandings and undeniable attraction. Despite his best efforts to keep me at arm's length, I'm determined to uncover the real Xander behind the name. Maybe, just maybe, this mishap is the universe's way of bringing us together.

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"Wrong Address, Right Package" is my story – a tale of mistaken identities, unexpected connections, and love's ability to find its way to even the most mismatched addresses. Join me on this journey of laughter, confusion, and the surprising romance that blooms when you least expect it.

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