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One More Storm, bk 6

One More Storm, bk 6

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Santa is bringing the enemy and Amanda is going to fall for him. He definitely wasn’t on her Christmas list. What if loving him ruins everything and everyone she cares about?

Mistletoe is under attack and Amanda is at the forefront of the Christmas war. With nothing to lose, Amanda is determined to face down the problems tormenting her families – both of them.

But when Amanda hires who she believes is a private investigator, she plans on taking things to the next level. What she doesn’t plan on doing is falling for the man who ends up working for the enemy.

When Tommy comes to get information on the town of Mistletoe and the families thriving there, the last thing he plans on doing is falling for the woman at the crux of the situation.

But his protective instincts rear up as he realizes Amanda is trying to take on so much and she has no idea what she’s up against. With debts owed and unpaid, can Tommy do the job he was hired to do while keeping Amanda safe, or is he destined to destroy everything he touches?

And can Amanda believe in love when she’s not even sure what family is?

Continue with the Mistletoe Matchmakers and see just how much family and love play a role in finding redemption.

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