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One More Glance, bk 4

One More Glance, bk 4

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With Christmas riding in on Santa’s sleigh, and Kali’s home up for sale, there’s a chance Mistletoe will lose one of its darlings… Unless one of its princes can ride to the rescue.

Kali Stanfords has a family legacy wrapped up in taking care of the horses of Mistletoe, Montana. She loves the animals, the simplicity of the life, and the land. In essence, she’s home. Unfortunately, there’s a very real possibility she’s in danger of losing all three when Flynne Wilson decides to put his hat in for the land up for sale.

No matter what happens, Kali can’t lose the land to himAnyone but him.

Kali has to raise money for a down payment and she already has a tight budget. Add to that the fact that Flynne is rolling in billions and nothing looks good for her plans of keeping her home.

Except… well, except Kali seems to have a Secret Santa who keeps sponsoring the fundraising activities she’s doing. As the deadline gets nearer, Kali starts to fall for the benevolent stranger and she’s willing to walk away from everything to be with him.

Flynne and Kali have been at odds since they were little. Something about each one irritates the other like a fierce flame. As if they’re on an addicting bronco ride, they can’t walk away from the conflict, though, and that isn’t healthy.

He’s determined to do the right thing, but Flynne knows Kali will never let him help her. Kali can never know he’s the money behind her success. If she does, she’s just prideful enough to leave everything behind. Flynne wouldn’t care, except the one thing he wants just happens to be the one woman who wants nothing to do with him.

What if Kali’s Secret Santa is the one guy she can’t stand to be around?

What if Flynne ends up being the one man she can’t be without?

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