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One More Choice, bk 3

One More Choice, bk 3

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Mistletoe matchmaking season is revving up with more weddings and Santa visits. Just when the townspeople think they’ve seen it all, the matchmaking families, the Deans and the Wilsons, have another surprise in their stockings.

Austin Wilson has loved his best-friend Samantha since the first time he saw her sparkling eyes, but she’s kept him at arm’s length.

When Austin decides it’s time to move on, Samantha has the opportunity to see him with another woman.

And she doesn’t like it.

Forced to see Austin as more than a friend, Samantha suddenly realizes she can’t lose him to anyone else. She needs him and that scares her.

Desperate to get his attention, Samantha offers to take Austin on a tour of a property where they end up getting stranded together. Their true feelings come out, but it is it too late?

Austin’s girlfriend is coming to town and Austin has to decide if he wants to take a chance on a friendship he wouldn’t trade for anything in the world or a woman who never stuck him in the friend zone.

Samantha has to accept his decision, even if it means losing the only man she’s ever been able to rely on.


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