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Bonnie Paulson Books Series Bundle Series Bundle

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I looked around the downstairs living room as if someone watched me. Was I on some kind of candid camera? Did my tablet’s camera have someone spying on me on the other end? How did I have two matches? There was no way that two men out there were anything like me or as perfect as the quiz suggested.

My profile was completed, and I might have put a little too much information in some places. The information didn’t seem very thorough to declare that someone was my match. Didn’t they need to ask me stuff like, what my aspirations are? Something like that?

A pop-up sprang in front of me with a different tone to the color and the font.

Are you interested?

I paused. Was I?

The two results couldn’t be more intriguing. Part of me wondered just what a guy looked like that signed up on a matching site like

Come on, Rachel. Quit overthinking things. Just take a chance, for once. It’s not like you have to move in with them tonight.

My pep talk needed more wine, but I was out. I clicked, Yes. Of course, I was interested. While the results loaded, I swallowed and nibbled at my lower lip. Using the remote, I clicked off the television. I needed to concentrate.

The next click or so were possibly capable of changing my life. If it was real. I shook my head. Was the alcohol clouding my judgment? That was a given. From the second I’d started the quiz, I hadn’t been thinking clearly.

A soft bling sound drew my gaze back to the tablet, slowly. I didn’t want to look, but I had to.

Two men popped up: Jeremy Akers in Washington and he was 94% compatible with me. Logan Kyle in Idaho and he was 93.7% compatible. That was so close. How was I supposed to choose?

I scrolled through their profiles. They both had ranches in the northwest. Neither had children from a previous marriage, but it didn’t say anything about their previous marital status. I guess it didn’t matter in the whole scheme of things, but I was still curious.

Their similarities didn’t stop there. Both men were dark haired and equally dark eyed. Both were incredibly handsome. As I dove further into their profiles, I could see myself living in both places. Logan Kyle lived on a ranch in a small town in Idaho near a river. Jeremy Akers lived in the mountains with a ranch that nestled in the valley of a large mountain range.

Both seemed ideal. Both were far from Ohio.

Was it some kind of joke? I looked around again, and spied a little bit of wine left in the bottle. I tilted that sucker back, bypassing the glass, and drank the contents gone.

When you’ve made your decision, click I Do, but only when you’re ready to commit. The contract is binding – click here to read over it again.

I looked over the two profiles once more, and then looked around the living room that belonged to my parents, in the house that belonged to my parents, using electricity paid for by my parents.

I studied both men. All the company wanted was a down payment, or a deposit or something. If I remembered correctly, it even said something about being fully refundable, if some conditions were met and we wanted to back out.

What did I have to lose?

I took a deep breath. And clicked I do.

With this click, I thee wed. Out loud, to no one I particular, I said, “I do.”

Now I was married. I snort laughed. Well, technically I wasn’t yet. The guy still had to accept or reject me. I wondered if he would get an email, text, or something else. Oh, my goodness, what if he didn’t want anything to do with me? What if he was like, not interested?

I shook off my insecurity. No reason to worry about it when I hadn’t even had a chance to accept what I’d done. Once again, I wouldn't have the proper wedding night, but I wasn’t alone. I had my chianti and some chocolate pie in the fridge. Almost exactly like my first marriage. Hopefully, it wasn’t an omen on how my second marriage was going to go.

I laid down and let the second bottle of wine and the wind outside the window lull me to sleep.

Happy New Year to you, my new husband. Whatever you’re doing.

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