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Broken Trails, Bk 1

Broken Trails, Bk 1

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When one cowboy will work to save the woman he loves and the family he values above all else, can he hold it all together or will he lose everything important to him?

When wounded cowboy Nate Rourke's heart aches for solace, only the tender embrace of love can mend his shattered spirit.

After losing nearly everything he cherishes, Nate is determined to protect what little he has left. But fate has other plans when the spirited Emma Benson enters his life.

Battling a life-altering illness, Emma yearns to prove her worth and independence despite the weight of her condition. But when a brush with death leaves her vulnerable, she reluctantly turns to Nate for support.

As their hearts intertwine, can these two broken souls learn to trust and lean on each other?

Will Nate find the strength to surrender his fears and embrace love?

Can Emma overcome her insecurities and open her heart to the healing power of what they could be together?

Join us in this breathtaking tale of sweet romance and powerful emotional healing that will leave you yearning for more. With a happy-for-now ending, this captivating first book in the western family saga will have you hooked from the very first page.

Hold on tight and get ready to lasso yourself a copy of Broken Trails, the unforgettable start to the Montana Trails series. Let the wild ride begin!



Each trip to the hospital, she’d worried that she wouldn’t live. 

At one point, she’d stopped wishing and hoping the world would bring Nate back into her life. Why would she want him to see her as she was? Broken, frail, hanging on to life with an IV tube and a throw-up bucket?

Thankfully, Nate didn’t look at her as he walked toward Stefanie’s room. Emma blinked the longing away. The memories. Neither of them needed to complicate things and both of them needed the situation to work out.

Nate pushed open a white painted door, revealing a rustic style room with artful touches in the lace doily draped over the lamp and the blue ribbon woven between the curtain loops. A handmade quilt in browns, blues, and greens adorned the full-sized bed with its hewn log posts and simple headboard.

Emma stepped further into the space, intertwining her fingers over the strap of her bag as she took in the simple elegance of the room. A thick cream rug spanned the length of the bed, allowing only peeks of the hard-mahogany flooring around the edges. “It’s gorgeous.” She glanced at Nate, embarrassed by her awe but unable to hold it in.

Only a few inches separated her shoulder from his chest. She peeked at him from under her eyelashes and hoped she smelled half as good as he did with the scent of pine and linseed oil mixing with a masculine scent of aftershave.

“Do you want to eat breakfast with us? I understand, if you’ve already eaten.” His breath was a gust of minty freshness.

“Yes, please.” She pulled her bottom lip between her teeth. Would she ever stop being nervous around him? Not even a bad nervous, more like an excitement intertwined with anticipation that made her pulse quicken.

His voice lowered and he stared at her. “Okay, well, I’ll see you down there in a few minutes. The bathroom, if you need it, is across the hall.” He held her gaze for a moment longer and then walked out the door.

And took her breath with him.

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Jackie M.
Try this series!

Great series, I’ve read them all. I hate to be repetitive, but great books. Feel good stories