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The Lonely Lace Series Collection

The Lonely Lace Series Collection

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Feud is a four letter word...
So is love...
Both will tear a family apart...

Enemies and Lace, book 1
A tough Montana rancher…
A desperate doctor from the city…
They’re fighting their own differences and a feud that threatens to rip apart the town.

Slate will do whatever it takes to keep his ranch – except fall for the doctor who might be working for his nemesis. To protect the people he loves, he might have to risk his own life… and his heart.

Becky will do what it takes to get rid of debt and help her parents. Will she be a traitor to her heart and the cowboy she’s falling for?

Second Chances and Lace, book 2

Will the hero die for a second chance?

A cowboy on the run…

A secret son…

A second chance romance that can destroy more than one family…

When Robbie returns for his share of the ranch, he finds his heart never left. He’s brought back more than bitterness and regret. The secrets following him are more than dangerous, and he has to prove he’s more than his past to survive.

How does Amelia forgive Robbie for abandoning her and their son? Will she have a chance to see his side before she’s taken hostage? Or will she die wondering what might have been?

Face the gang after Robbie and ache with Amelia when he returns!

Regrets and Lace, book 3
In every bad boy hides a good man.

Give this cowboy a second chance…

He could lose his land…

She could lose her family…

Their second chance could take more than honor but give more than love.

When Ronan faces an ultimatum to get married or lose his land, he runs to the only woman he’s ever loved. But she’s only desperate to escape her past.

Kelsey’s past is out to get her and destroy Ronan and his family at the same time. She’s only ever wanted the strong rancher but happiness isn’t hers to have. One last shot at love is all she needs, will she miss the mark or get shot instead?

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